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About Athagad

At an hour's drive from the famous city of Cuttack lies an erstwhile princely state, by the name of Athagarh (now spelled as Athagad). A very small town, quaint and immersed in the rustic charm of the culture of Odisha, this city during the British Rule was the capital of the Athagarh State, one of the princely states of Eastern States Agency. Records have it that the Patnaiks were the rulers of this small state from 1178 to 1950.

About Athagad

Administration of Athagad

The district of Cuttack has been divided for the administrative purpose into 14 blocks, one of which is the Athagarh block. There are in total 3 sub divisions, namely; Athagarh, Banki and Cuttack Sadar. The town of Athagad is the centre of the block and is a Notified Area Committee, or commonly known as Nagar Panchayat, City Council. The Athagad city is divided into 18 wards for which elections are held every five years. The Chairman is the head of the Notified Area Committee and the Executive Officer is in charge of the Notified Area Council. Along with the Chairman and the elected members of the Committee, the Executive Officer looks after the welfare and development of the NAC, such as sanitation, street lighting, water supply, drainage system, records of births and deaths.The District Collector is the administrative head of the district administration. Currently, Sri Nirmal Chandra Mishra, OAS (SAG) is the Collector of the Cuttack District.

District Collectorate, Cuttack,
Office of the Collector and District Magistrate,Collectorate,Cuttack,PIN -753002,
Phone : 0671-2508100, Fax :0671-2301103
E-Mail : dm-cuttack@nic.in

Geography of Athagad

The mighty Mahanadi river flows through the length of the Cuttack District, bisecting it in horizontal halves, irrigating the land in the surrounding regions. Athagad city is located in the north of the river in the western side of the Athagarh block. To the east of the Athagarh block lies Tangi Chowdwar, to the south Baranga and Dampara, and to the west the Tigiria block. From the district headquarters of Cuttack, Athagad lies west, at a distance of about 37km. From the state capital of Bhubaneshwar, it lies on the north at a distance of about 48km. The mighty Mahanadi river lies at very short distance of 7km south of the Athagad town. The geographical location of the town of Athagad is 20°31'00.2"N 85°37'52.2"E.

Climate of Athagad

The climate of Athagad stays moderate throughout the year, barring the peaks of summer and winter. However, due to the presence of the Mahanadi and higher water table, the region remains on the hotter side with higher relative humidity. The annual climate is divided in three seasons, namely; summer, monsoon and winter. The Summer starts in the beginning of March and lasts until the month of June. At the height of the summer, the temperatures can rise up to 40°C. Being in the vicinity of the Mahanadi river and forests, the night temperatures during the summer are comparatively quite pleasant. The winter begins in November and lasts until the end of February. The winter is cold and the temperature can plummet to 10°C with cold winds blowing from the North. The region receives about 1500mm of rainfall per annum. The monsoon arrives in June and lasts until September with October being a period of transition that sees some sporadic rainfall. The ideal time to visit Athagad is during the months of January until mid March.

Population of Athagad

As per the report released by the 2011 Population Census of India, the total number of population residing in the Athagad Notified Area Committee is 17,304. Out of the total population, 8,930 are males while 8,374 residents are females. The total population belonging to the children (age 0 to 6) stands at 1672 in the Athagad Notified Area Committee, which is 9.66% of the total population. The Female Sex Ratio in Athagad, compared to many developed cities in India is quite high at 938 but still lower than the impressive state average of 979. However, the number in the Child Sex Ratio is not all that heartening. In the 0 to 6 age group, the female sex ratio in Athagad town is only 872 which is way lower than the Odisha state average of 941. In the Athagad Notified Area Committee, the population belonging to the Scheduled Castes measures up to 3663 which makes up for about 21.17% of the entire population. Odisha state is home to a high number of communities belonging to the Scheduled Tribes. Although the number of the Scheduled Tribe is lower in the cities, with the people migrating from the rural areas into the urban centres for social and economic reasons, that number has been steadily rising. In thr Athagad town, the population of the Scheduled Tribes amounts to about 460 which makes for 2.66% of the total population.

Literacy and Language In Athagad

Odisha has a fairly diverse population as many of its residents belong to several communities, many of which continue to live in their traditional habitats in the forests. The literacy rate in Odisha remains a little lower than some developed states in India, due to the geographical and economic restrictions. However, the town of Athagad throws up encouraging numbers in this regard. Out of the total population of Athagad, the literacy stands at 89.71%, which is much higher than the state average of 72.87%. In the total literate population of Athagad, the male literacy is around 93.60%, whereas the female literacy rate stands at 85.60%.

Economy of Athagad

For the majority of the people , agriculture is the main occupation and one of the major sources of livelihood. Due to the fertile soil , the industrial development in Athagad has been fairly limited and restricted to a few small units. The river, its tributaries and several canals have helped agriculture in this part of Odisha flourish at a rapid pace. This part of Odisha is strategically important in the context of economic growth as most of the agricultural produce includes cash crops. Also, in and around Athagad, there is a rich heritage of handicraft and cottage industries. Cuttack and several of its parts are famous for silver filigree work. Horn works, Patta Chitra, Dokra Casting, Terra Cota, Wood Carving, Art Leather and Brass/Bell Metal works are some of the examples of the produce of the cottage industry in the region. Other industries in the region include textile and chemical plants along with leather works.

Culture of Athagad

Athagad is one of the places in the Cuttack district that are famous of textiles. As a matter of fact, the entire Cuttack district is well known for the textile, brass and metal works and other handicrafts. Due to the historical lineage and heritage, the art and handicraft in this region has immense value both in material as well as aesthetic contexts. The art works exhibit bold colours, various shapes and sizes and beautiful and intricate designs. The sarees made on both handlooms and powerlooms are quite famous not just in Cuttack but the entire Odisha. The 'Kansari', the artists working with metal and brass, make decorative utensils and other items. Filigree, the art of making jewellery of precious metals such as gold and silver, has been in practice in this region and dates back to the 15th century in the Persian countries. Although the government has brought the artisans working in the industry under the fold of cooperatives, the art has seen a decline and is on the verge of disappearing.

Dussehra is the main festival that is celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervour in Athagad and Goddess Durga is worshipped like in other cities of the region. Along with Diwali, the festival of Sankrant is also famous when the skies of full of surging kites. Apart from the main festivals, almost all small villages and settlements around Athagad have festivals and fairs throughout the year, that are related with the seasons of harvest.

Tourism in Athagad

Athagad town, being in the company of the mighty river Mahanadi is blessed with rustic natural beauty and several lakes. Since the weather in Athagad is moderate and never too uncomfortable, it makes a strong case for itself to develop places of tourist attractions. Being a small town, it does not have many tourist attractions within its borders, however, the tourists can visit several sites near the town of Athagad.

Anshupa Lake : Situated to the south at a very short distance of just about 8km from Athagad town, the Anshupa lake is one of the most important lakes in the region as it is home to a number of birds in the region, including many migratory birds. Anshupa lake is a freshwater lake and is surrounded by mango trees and bamboo groves. Anshupa lake is one of biggest freshwater lakes in Odisha and is made from the waters of the Mahanadi river and spreads over a vast area of 141 hectares. Along the length of the lake runs the scenic Saranda Hills. The view of the lake from the top of the hill is nothing short of breathtaking, especially as the sun starts to set in the west, bathing the beautiful landscape in its golden colours with a sprinkle of multitudes of colours in the sky and water. Around the hill, there are several settlements of tribal communities, who are welcoming and loving. The hills are ideal for walks, albeit with a local guide as there are ample opportunities to spot several wild beasts such as wolves, foxes, and also herds of deer. If the tourists wish to stay overnight at the lake, they can do so at the government built Bamboo shacks in the hills. There several refreshments on offer too. Apart from viewing the rare species of birds, the tourists can also avail boating and fishing facilities offered at the lake.

Apart from the Anshupa lake, the tourists can also visit Bhatarika Temple, and Dhabaleswar Temple near the town of Athagad.

Utility Services in Athagad

Utility services such as gas, electricity, water, are essential for the existence of human settlements and their sustenance. However, for the development of any human society, and its proper functioning, there has to be a solid platform of many other facilities and services such as safety, healthcare, banking institutions, postal services. In India, the ease of living in and travelling to remote cities and towns depends upon the availability and existence of such service infrastructure. Following are the details of the utility services in Athagad.

Safety in Athagad

Odisha has been a land of forests and mountains and has seen a fairly turbulent and violent past. In the recent years the incidents of violence have seen a steady decline. Being one the most developed cities in Odisha, Cuttack and other cities in the region are quite safe to travel to. Yet, it is a good idea to have the contact details of the police if you plan to make a trip to Athagad.

Athagarh Police Station
Address: Athagarh, Cuttack, Odisha – 754029
Phone No: 06723 – 220228
Police Control Room: 100

Shri Gurudas Kundu, OPS – I
Superintendent of Police, Cuttack
Phone No: 0671 – 2428116
Fax No: 0671 – 2428301
Email: spctc.odpol@nic.in
Emergency Contact: 0671 – 2428301

Banks in Athagad

Athagad is a very small town with few industrial and trade units. However, it is located in one of the most prosperous regions in the state of Odisha, hence the economy of this town is quite dynamic and contributes considerably to the economic growth of the Cuttack district. To take care of the financial needs of this town, a few banks have opened their branches here. Although we are usually covered when it comes to money, and carry enough cash, just the presence of an ATM or a bank branch provides immense relief. Following are the details of banks in Athagad.

Central Bank Of India
Branch: Athagad
IFSC Code: CBIN0284395
MICR Code: Not Provided
Branch Code: 284395 (Last 6 Characters of the IFSC Code)
Address: Near Old Bus Stand, Main Road, Athagarh, Cuttack, Orissa 754029
Phone No: Not Provided

Bank Of India
Branch: Athagad
IFSC Code: BKID0005429
MICR Code: 758013528
Branch Code: 005429 (Last 6 Characters of the IFSC Code)
Address: At P.o- Anandpur, Dist- Cuttack, Odisha
Phone No: Not Provided

State Bank Of India (SBI)
Branch: Athgarh
IFSC Code: SBIN0001083
MICR Code: 754002108
Branch Code: 001083 (Last 6 Characters of the IFSC Code)
Address: Athgarh, Dist Cuttack Orissa 754029
Phone No: 06723 – 220234, 220259

HDFC Bank Ltd
Branch: Athagad
IFSC Code: HDFC0002272
MICR Code: 754240501
Branch Code: 002272
Address: Athgarh, Chandvali Chowk P. O : Athagarh Cuttack, Athagarh, Odisha 75402
Phone No: Not Provided
Timings: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Postal Services in Athagad

From sending post cards to cargo packages, postal and courier services function as an important cog in the wheel of the urban and rural networks. Since Athagad is a small town, there are not many private courier services apart from the omnipresent Indian Post. Details below:

Indian Post
Post Office: Athagarh
Post Office Status: Head Office (Delivery)
Pin Code: 754029
Taluk: Athagarh
District: Cuttack
State: Odisha
Phone No: 06723 - 220219

Blazeflash Couriers Ltd
Working Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00 am to 05:00 pm
Services: Domestic Couriers
Address: Nua Patana Bus Stand, Athagarh, Cuttack – 754029
Mobile No: 9777068161, 7873629135

Transport in Athagad

Athagad is relatively close to the city of Cuttack from where it takes an hour's drive to reach this small town. The distance between Athagad and Cuttack is a mere 37km. From the state capital of Bhubaneshwar, it is at a distance of about 48km. Many state transport buses ply between the small and big cities in the region and getting to Athagad is not difficult at all.

By Train : The nearest major Railway Station to go to Athagad is Dhenkanal (DNKL), which is only 18km away from the city of Athagad. However, you could also choose to board a train to Cuttack (CTC) which is extremely well connected to the rest of the country by the railway network. From there you could take a bus to go to Athagad.

By Air : The most ideal airport to travel to Athagad is the Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneshwar, that is the state capital of Odisha. The distance between the Biju Patnaik International Airport and Athagad is 54km and it takes roughly an hour and a half to reach the airport from Athagad by road. The airport has two terminals; one for domestic and the other for international flights via Delhi. The domestic terminal offers daily flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Port Blair, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam. Flights by Sir India, Goair, and Indigo are operated.

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